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Yoga and meditation helps a lot from getting rid of asthma and respiratory diseases.

It is proved in American university of Cincinnati during research on rural area individuals which are suffering from asthma disease. Results of research showed that person suffering from respiratory and Asthma disease do yoga then there are positive results found in their health.


Depression in the elderly is, unfortunately a common occurrence due to loneliness, lack of family support or because of chronic illnesses. Very often depression in the aged is not reported and treated due to the social stigma attached with this condition or due to plain ignorance on part of the family of the elderly person. This not only doesn’t help them, but can worsen their condition and make them susceptible to other ailments…including sometimes suicide. Also, elderly depression can occur due to the death of a spouse…which increases lonliness. Also, side-effects from certain medicines or due to certain long-term illnesses like diabetes and arthritis can have a profound effect on depression. The depression must be treated as soon as possible. Without fast treatment, it can lead to suicidal tendencies on part of the patient or death from premature heart attack, stroke and other serious diseases.

One group known to be at risk from depression in the elderly include widowed women. Others at high risk are those not being able to cope with stress in their lives. Low self-confidence due to diseases like cancer and loss of limb causing disfigurement can easily lead to depression. Many elderly may have a family history of depression and get depressed due to apprehension of dying. Some elderly may have an addiction to alcohol or drugs contributing to their depression.

So, what can be done to help depression in the aged? Counseling and a therapy of antidepressants can help. (note: always see a licensed therapist and physican). The therapist will prescribe antidepressants if they feel they are required. During initial prescriptions of these drugs the patient has to be watched carefully as the side-effects and results of a reaction can be serious. These medicines show their effect over a period of time since they are given in small doses. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to have a medical alarm for the depressed person just in case they feel the need to contact emergency personnel.

Psychotherapy is very effective in dealing with depression in the elderly as the patient can share their feelings and insecurities with the therapist. This helps them to identify the main problem and initiates a curative process to overcome depression. Of course, a loving family can help tremendously. Depression is a sensitive issue which, can be treated with love and patience along with therapy and medication.



Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). The common belief says that you may get a STD, if you indulge in sex. But that is not true. If your partner has an active lesion of syphilis in his/her mouth, you will contact syphilis by a mere kiss. The danger is that the sore may be so insignificant and painless that your partner may also not be aware of that. Learn more about how to protect yourself from Syphilis.

Syphilis- what cause Syphilis?

Syphilis is caused by a bacterium. This bacterium is passed on to partners through open sores. If there is no outward sign, the bacteria may not get passed on. The disease shows itself in phases- primary, secondary and latent. It can kill in the latent stage.

Syphilis- stages of Syphilis

Syphilis develops in three phases/stages. In the first stage a painless sore forms on the genitals or mouth. this gets resolved itself without any treatment in some time. After some days of the first phase, the second phase develops. in this phase red rashes are seen on the palms, feet soles and other body parts . You may also see red patches in mucous membranes. Fever may be present. Sometimes the symptoms are so insignificant that this stage is also ignored. After this the diseases becomes latent and develops after some years.

Syphilis- latent stage of Syphilis

In the latent stage, the bacteria affect most of the body organs and if the disease is severe, it may result in death. The first two stages are most contagious. Please watch for the symptoms before you kiss a new partner.


Now a days, its very easy to find an exercise program or a program of six pack ABS or what people called for this program.

When you buy a magazine or watching TV only, you’ll see ads for fitness or diet pills or something. If you take a trip to the local again, you will find a fitness center with ease. It’s easy to find, because people need, and people need to lose weight or to lose fat in the abdomen or just want to get good body shape. The number of people who have problems with obesity significantly in recent years.

If you realize that you have a problem with weight or want to get a better body shape and want to start a training program, you must start quickly because the issue of weight is very dangerous for our health. I’m not trying to scare you, but it is fact that weight problems can take up to a deadly disease such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes, but also associated with obesity. We do not have this problem really happened to us right?