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Throughout the ages, men and women have been fixated on body hair.

So distasteful was the presence of body hair on women in ancient Greece, that Greek artists molded their statues of women without pubic hair.During the height of the Roman Empire, middle and upper-class women engaged in hair removal with regularity, using pumice stones, razors, tweezers, and depilatory creams.In America, the advent of the shorter skirt in the 20th century seems to have generated a renewed focus on woman’s legs–the smoother and shapelier, the better.Today, everybody has their own preference when it comes to their body hair, and a lot of people are going with a less-is-more approach. Little wonder then there are a multitude of hair removal products and systems on the market.Traditionally, hair removal has involved trade-offs. Some approaches, such as waxing and shaving, are inexpensive and can be done at home, but they tend to be painful, harsh on the skin, and have to be repeated frequently, as they aren’t permanent. Other approaches such as laser treatments and electrolysis are expensive and involve time-consuming and uncomfortable visits to aestheticians.If you’re looking for a better way, you’re not alone. So, it’s quite momentous when a new technology emerges and the recent FDA approval of a new hair removal system may signal just such a breakthrough.This new process, which is now available in a product called Finally Free, uses patented radio frequency technology to kill hairs at their roots by sending a cool dry wave through hair and destroying its ability to re-grow. It’s an incredible system that works on both stubborn individual hairs and whole sections of unwanted hair at a time.In clinical tests, this new radio frequency approach was shown to be as effective in permanently removing hair as electrolysis. But, by far, the best news is that the system is designed to be easily used in the privacy and comfort of your home.The Finally Free system allows you to target large patches of hair or individual strands. When you remove hair over a larger area you apply a   patch which sends a radio frequency wave through the hair, killing it at the root, and killing them forever. The patches contain a conductive gel that allows the wave to travel through all of the hairs touching the patch. You don’t pull the hairs out with the patches. You simply treat them and they fall out and don’t grow back.The system also comes with a tweezer-like device which allows you to target individual problematic hairs (again, killing the hair so that it can be gently removed). The Finally Free system works for women and men. It’s effective on legs, chests, underarms, faces, and bikini areas. And, unlike lasers, the technology works safely on all hair colors, skin colors, and hair textures.But, the best thing about it is the price, selling for under $100. That’s an amazing price for the only FDA approved home-use permanent hair removal system.A permanent, painless, easy-to-use hair removal system for under $100–sounds too good to be true. The company, perhaps anticipating some skepticism from consumers, is offering users the ability to try the system for 30 days. If it doesn’t do everything it promises, it can be returned for a complete product refund.


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